Mahina Luna Moons Calendar was birthed by Tiffany & Kulture, mostly, to meet their own curiosity and needs as they grow through the various cycles of womanhood. They have been gathering as women in circles since their friendship began about 4 years ago under the Hawaiian moon (Mahina). Shortly after they formed their coven, Kulture began working with Tiffany at Yonieggs.com and has been a pillar since.  


Together, and with other beloved women, they have taken their studies of moon work deeper. They desired a collective tool they 

could use to sync their rituals and self-work to stay in alignment with each other while navigating their own individual emotional waters.


Each month provides a Moon and Yoni Egg ritual, as well as, Shadow Work.  They have also added a bonus feature of selectively 

placed daily self-development work that you can incorporate into your month.  


May you feel enriched, empowered, tuned in, and aware of just how powerful and magical you are.  Their vision for you is to take this work as a seed and for you to bloom into yourself. Then, please share the teachings and your learnings with other growing women so they too can awaken to their power and to the connection of the Moon.


As you may have noticed, this calendar is written to honor the natural cycle of life and death of nature.  It begins in March which welcomes in Spring Equinox, a time when nature comes alive, and what some refer to as the real New Year. The calendar concludes February 28, 2022, during the Winter Solstice, when Mama Earth goes into hibernation to integrate restoration which is a great teacher for all of us.  

Meet the creators

Tiffany Janay


Tiffany Janay is the owner of yonieggs.com and has been traveling the world and teaching women about gathering and manifestation with the moon cycles for nearly 15 years now. 


She often claims she was raised by the Mineral People aka crystals as they have been present in her life since conception. With each rite of passage in her life, the crystals took new form to teach her about the next phase of womanhood.  When she became a married woman the crystals took the shape of eggs and taught her about female genitalia and how to make the transition from a maiden into a mother.


She has since divorced and is living in Hawaii where she continues to share the mysteries of womanhood and serves as a guiding light to men and women along their journey towards raising their consciousness. 


Often referred to as a “master manifestor”, it is many those teachings she has shared in this calendar that she has used to assist her in manifesting a life she once only dreamed of.  


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Kulture Parkin


Kulture Parkin is a Jill of many trades residing in Hawaii on the island of Maui. She is a creative spirit by nature and expresses that through her own unique style. When it comes to the fine arts, she is currently working in the realm of watercolors and being inspired by the female body. Her day to day often includes practicing organic gardening and tending to the Earth in the most loving of ways.


She is also moved to make nutritious foods and share them with her local community. Spirit continues to guide her to hold a safe container space for women and men to work on their communication, as she sees it is a vital aspect in the development of the future consciousness. 


As her North Node is in Pisces, she took that as an inspiration to finally share her artistic work with the world. With that being said this is her first project that she is showcasing. She sends you all much love and light as you journey through the moon phases.