Mahina Luna Moons is a custom made 12 month calander featuring all unique art.  


This calendar is timeless thanks to the self care rituals, moon rituals, and unique holidays.  


12x12 wall calendar.


*There are a limited availablity on these calendars.  We only printed a small batch so once they are sold out there will not be any more available for this year. 

12 Month Calendar

SKU: 0002
  • Mahina Luna Moon Calendar unites a tribe of women around the world that are all aligned and doing similar rituals and work on the same dates and time which is going to massively raise the frequency around the planet.  Anytime women gather and focus on the same intention, the world feels it and shifts accordingly. This calendar is about YOU doing your own self work and being a woman on purpose. We provide you with moon work, astrological transit work, monthly mantras, daily self work to-do’s, Yoni Egg exercises, womb work, and elementals you can incorporate into your lives to help assist you on your journey.  As we individually do our work as outlined within this calendar, we form a collective worldwide sisterhood. 


    *This calendar is for all genders to connect to the feminine energy of the moon that affects the emotional yin element within us all.